Vision & Mission Statement

 Vision Statement

I envision a time:

When Classical Five Element Acupuncture is widely available to all people seeking to maintain health and wellness;

When integration of ancient knowledge and modern science provide the best approach to maintenance of health and healing;

When all physicians have an appreciation for this healing medical system and employ its concepts in their own practice of medicine;

When prevention of disease is the ultimate goal; illness and suffering, lost and forgotten;

When we can look within to eliminate the cause of our distress, finding our natural state of health, joy and well-being

Mission Statement

To provide a service that addresses each patient as a unique individual with their own special needs and requirements for healing;

To be totally present with each patient in the treatment room during their appointment;  

To give 100% of my knowledge and thoughtful consideration in treatment planning and delivery of each treatment;

To continue to seek new information and understanding of the disease state and treatment available in order to best serve my patients;

To earnestly teach my patients and other qualified professionals who seek to know what I have learned-- To be a doctor in the truest sense; “docere,” meaning, “to teach;”

To have gratitude and respect for the knowledge of the human body and healing shared by my mentors, peers and patients.

To provide comfort and concern for those who come to me for help in their greatest time of need-- vulnerable and in pain.