About Diane McCormick, M.D.




Dr. McCormick has been involved with the health care profession since 1970.  Originally trained as an x-ray technician and radiation therapy technologist, she is a former Administrative Director of the Toledo Hospital Cancer Treatment Center, and the Director of the School of Radiation Therapy Technology at the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio.  Her interest in direct patient care led her to attend the Medical College of Ohio, obtaining her medical degree in 1984.

  After completing a residency in Emergency Medicine, which included serving many months of LifeFlight duty, Dr. McCormick joined the medical staffs of St. Vincent Medical Center, The Toledo Hospital and Flower Hospital.  She remained actively involved with traditional medicine, serving as an ER physician for over 15 years at Flower Hospital, Sylvania, Ohio.


As a result of her own health challenges, Dr. McCormick developed an interest in integrative medicine in 1991, first studying osteopathic manipulation and other non-traditional types of healing.  As her own health improved, she developed a true appreciation for the bonus holistic approaches add to conventional care for many disease states.

 Her study of acupuncture began in 1994, through the UCLA acupuncture program  for physicians.  She soon developed an interest in Five Element Acupuncture, studying for several years with Drs. Charles Moss and Ron Puhky.

  The desire to study Classical Five Element Acupuncture with J.R. Worsley led her to complete a year-long intensive program with Neil Gumenick, and was fortunate to study with Dr. Worsley until the time of his death in 2003.  She continues her studies in Classical Five Element Acupuncture in the Master Apprentice Program under the direction of J.B.Worsley, and is an active member in the Worsley Institute. 

 An interest in the scientific basis of acupuncture led Dr. McCormick to study with Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga for several years.  His contemporary approach to acupuncture combined with dynamic myofascial release expanded Dr. McCormick’s  understanding of complex musculoskeletal and other painful conditions.

 Dr. McCormick continues to have a deep respect for traditional medicine when it is necessary.  She is a delegate to the Ohio State Medical Association, a member of the AMA and active in the Lucas County Academy of Medicine, and served as President  in 2008. 

 Dr. McCormick has board certification in Emergency Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Functional Medicine and Medical Acupuncture.