“Dr. McCormick gave me my life back.  Due to fibromyalgia I was unable to work, perform normal daily tasks, and couldn’t even sleep in a bed.  I saw doctor after doctor, had all kinds of invasive procedures done and still received no relief.  After starting acupuncture and making different lifestyle changes as suggested by Dr. McCormick, I am back living a normal life.”
-Linda, age 51

“After years of chronic pain, I decided to try acupuncture.  I’m so glad I did…it has changed my life!”
-Susie, age 56


“Dr. McCormick has helped me immensely with my anxiety and depression.  I no longer need medication to manage these problems.  I suffered from these disorders for a long time.”
-Jamie, age 27

“Dr. McCormick has not only fully relieved my migraines, which I have suffered from for over seven years, but she has also helped me get through my pregnancy virtually symptom free.”
-Katelyn, age 26

“Earlier this spring, I was a patient of yours “enduring” a series of acupuncture treatments for my back.  For years I have suffered from lower back pain and over the winter months it had flared up and with the upcoming golf season, I knew it was time to do something.  Having tried a variety of traditional methods, including surgery, nerve blocks and physical therapy, my wife convinced me to try acupuncture.

After just a few sessions I was feeling better and by the time the treatments finished I was feeling terrific!! But I Knew the real test would be the upcoming golf season.  I had missed two of the previous five seasons because of my back pain.  It felt good to be back on the course playing in the golf league that I had been a part of for the previous 12 years.  I am happy to report that I was able to finish the season without having to miss a single night due to back pain.

Even more impressive-I am staring at the Church of the Cross Golf League Championship trophy sitting on my desk.  For the first time ever I finished first and I know that your treatments went a long way towards allowing me to play to my potential.”
-Jeff, age 49

“Like most people, I first tried acupuncture with reservation.  But after braving my first appointments, my issues with both digestion and arthritic knees go largely unnoticed.  Acupuncture works!  I’m a believer.”
-Sheryl,  age 46

 “You should have a commercial about this! People should know!  After so many years of depression, I finally feel happy again!”
-Tina, age 44